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Feb. 04 to March 28, 2013


Oskee where where: The raucous, kilted, beer-swilling Box J Boys have occupied the same section at Ivor Wynne since moving there en masse in 1998 as season ticket holders. Today, the Boys are entrenched as one of the most visible (and vocal) CFL fan groups in the entire country, and wherever they go, so goes The Hammer and Ti-Cat mania. But with new stadiums being built across the country, including in Hamilton, will there actually be a Box J for the Boys to tender Argos Suck!! salutes in 2014 when the reconstructed Ivor Wynne finally reopens? J. Michael Dlugos breaks down the infrastructure situation in Hamilton and across the country in his exhaustive report, CFL Venues 2013. John Campbell photo

March 29 to June 11, 2013


Football Night in Kelowna. The Okanagan Sun are the only "serious" football in this Okanagan destination. Is there room and possibility of more in the future? hops into the Time Machine and whisks you into the year 2018 for an up close look at the Okanagan Ogopogos, a team with a future in the CFL. Also in this feature from the fertile mind of J. Michael Dlugos, "A Life in the Trenches," the memoirs of a Canadian O-lineman written on the sunny slopes of his post-'pogos days. See this Fan Fantasy Desktop by clicking here. TinaPomponio photo See the Feature Pic Archives for all the past images.


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June 11 to July 15, 2013


working hard in preparation for the season to come. In this spirit, both John Campbell and Mike Dlugos have made predictions for the 2013 season. John Campbell breaks down who he thinks will be the Top 10 Impact Players this season, while Mike Dlugos boldly predicts how the 8 teams will finish the season. Read all about it.

July 15 to October 25, 2013


Kory Sheets, Taj Smith and Geroy Simon scored two touchdowns each as the Saskatchewan Roughriders improved to 8-1 for the first time in their 103-year history. Since Grey Cup 101 is in Regina this year, the Roughriders seem to be making it their mission to appear in the big game. So far, so good.. photo

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October 26, 2014 to April 2014


“It just helps our football team move forward and it just happened to be that I was running close to the end zone,” Montreal Alouettes quarterback Anthony Calvillo, front, told The Canadian Press after rushing for two touchdowns in a win over Saskatchewan on Saturday. Liam Richards/The Canadian Press

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