what's in an rTC kit?
Paper Tank Scale Model Kits
what's in an rTC kit?

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What's in a Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kit?

RTCallsheetsInside each Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kit, you will find a complete Diorama Kit featuring a tank that's probably a popular choice in online Tank Combat Games (such as the German Tiger I and Tiger (P)). You get paper sheets of the models themselves – professionally designed 3-Dimensional Models - (usually 9 to 15 sheets) printed on high quality papers using the finest inks and toner. Assembly Instructions are also included. The packing covers and illustrations inside show actual photographs of assembled models to act as "guides."

The orignal prototype Tiger I model vs. the V0.95 Model with Details.

What do I need to make the Kit?

You will need a decent pair of scissors and a sharp craft knife (such as an X-Acto Knife). Every item in every Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kit has been designed, printed, cut out and assembled with and without fastening agents (glue and tape).

StuffNeededRaw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kits DO NOT REQUIRE FASTENING AGENTS. However, we find that a dab of gluestick (on tabs and slots especially) makes your model firmer and solider and more durable. We use glue sticks, but any paper cement would work.

Our assembly kit is shown in this image, and includes a pair of scissors, a sharp craft knife, a straight edge (ruler), a triangular ruler (perfect for making the folds), a box cutter (backup sharp knife), a glue stick, and a roll of transparent tape. None of these items are strange or exotic, and many of us will be able to locate them in our kitchen junk drawer. This is another advantage of Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kits.

You will need some time. We have found that a tank takes between 1 and 4 hours to construct, depending on your break schedule. What this means is that you can complete a tank model in A SINGLE SITTING, if you desire.

You will need concentration and patience. Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kits are crafted in 1/48 scale (translation = the German Tiger Tank [a rather large vehicle] comes in at 10 cm in length), which we feel is large enough to make it so that models can be completed easily enough, allows for all pages to be standard Letter sized (saves $$), and allows us to use premium quality paper stock for the models themsleves. However, at 1/48 scale, people are not very large, and all kits have small, small parts. Cutting out the pieces is the first step, and requires patience and especially, concentration. You must cut out the model pieces very carefully, ensuring that no tabs are accidentally chopped off.

How do I go about making the Kit?

Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kit are designed for humans 8 years of age and older, but each kit has very small pieces and requires sharp instruments. Adult supervision may be required.

Each kit is constructed using the following basic procedure:

1) Cut out the pieces to prepare for assembly. We have found that best practice is to cut out one piece at a time and assemble the pieces one-by-one until all pieces are assebled. Then put the pieces together to form the final tank.

TheFold022) Use the sharp craft knife to cut the slots in each piece. Be extraordinarily careful here.

TheFold04TheFold063) Use a straight edge to help you make all the folds for each piece. We have found that a triangular ruler is the ideal tool to make the folds.

**(OPTIONAL)** 4) Put a dab of glue on the tabs and slots to help the hold. After assembly, hold the pieces for a moment or two to let the glue set well.

5)Insert all of the tabs into the slots and TA-DA! You've assembled a piece!

6) Repeat for all pieces, then assemble the pieces.

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