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Custom options


It's the way of the world now, and Raw Tank Combat has your back when it comes to customizing your Model Kit. Each Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kit comes with many options.All kits come with a sticker sheet of Alternate Markings, and therer are a variety of options available within each kit (options vary from kit to kit).

The biggest thing, though, is that each and every Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kit comes with two versions of each tank, an 'unpainted' version printed on Premium Card Stock, and a 'painted' version that features printed on patterns and colours printed on top-quality glossy paper. It is the unpainted version we're concerned with.

Take the unpainted version and 'paint' it. Use whatever you have around the house, coloured pencils, Sharpies, watercolour or acrylic paint, whatever you desire. Then apply colour to your tank and then assemble it. (we reccommend painting the tank prior to construction)

This way, you can put any pattern you want on your tank.

Professionally Designed Custom Camo Patterns

We recognize that not everyone is an Artist or a Graphic Designer, and even though the option to custom paint your tank exists, some may not want to take advantage of it, but still want a custom paint scheme on their tank - here's where Raw Tank Combat's Professional Graphic Designers come into play - we can do it for you!

For a fee, our designers will research, design, and craft a "painted" version of your tank - with the paint design of your choice applied! Yes, our Professional Graphic Designers will modify our Raw Tank Combat Model Kits in order to supply you with exactly the camo design that you desire!

You want the standard German Winter Camo Pattern? No problem. How about a German Russian Front pattern that never lived on your tank in real life? We don't care, we'll do it for you!

Want hot pink with purple tribal flames? Hello Kitty? The possibilities are literally endless, because the possibilities go only as far as your imagination.

If you want more information and a price quote on a custom painted tank, please contact us as mrmikey@mac.com.

A Pzkpfw VI Tiger (P) hand-painted with acrylic paints


The Pzkpfw VI Tiger (P) comes with a CUSTOM Painted Tank - an
example of the work of our Graphic Designers

professional customization CustomPaintJobSheetsRaw Tank Combat's Professional Graphic Designers can easily design a Custom Paint Job for your tank – so you can display the tank you drive


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in Canada

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