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Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kits are complete Diorama kits that allow for any modeller - from first-timer to complete pro – to sit down and enjoy a session of modelling, then switch to creation mode to craft a diorama featuring their new tank model – then, within a day or two of starting, changing to the pride of creation and the joy of showing off your work.

The reason that Raw Tank Combat Scale Model Kits exist is because my wife wanted me to get a hobby... and I thought, hey, I used to do tank models when I was a kid... I'm playing this online tank game... so why not?

Why not? Easy. There is not ONE plastic scale model kit for sale in my town. Anyone in this area interested in ANY kind of modelling is SOL. So, I was SOL until I took a road trip to the big city 2.5 hours away, or ordered online, again, from that same big city.

And I thought to myself, after a day or so of frustrating searching online... I might as well design my own tank models...

Thus was born Raw Tank Combat Paper Scale Tank Model Kits in 1/48 Scale.

The Raw Tank Combat 1/48 Scale TIGER I

PzkpfwVITigerunpaintedThese Paper Model Kits are not only suitable for those who play online Tank Combat Games, but are perfectly suited to those who have a "creative hobby" bent, but are frustrated by the needs and demands of full-blown modelling in plastic and metal. This would include train modellers, military modellers, even modellers who specialize in aircraft - any of these kinds of people would enjoy crafting a Raw Tank Combat Scale Model Diorama.

Here's the deal. Generally, scale models (of any kind) are stand-alone kits. Sure, most will come with alternative decal sets to allow for different paint schemes, but we run into another obstacle. Paint. Have you ever painted one of those plastic model kits? Takes frikkin' hours. Just to paint it. THEN you have to assemble it. No wonder hobby modelling has fallen off the face of the earth in terms of popularity and availability. Who has the time these days to do this anymore? And if you want a scenic diorama? Horror show!

Yes, with Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kits, you no longer have to have the skills of an artisan in order to have a "scene" with your model! No heavy bases, no plaster of paris, no little plastic trees at $1.50 each, then add the fake grass effect, and heaven forbid you want a water feature in your scene!

A Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kit [tank model only] takes between 1.5 and 4 hours TOTAL to make. You can do it in a single sitting (with a little focus and concentration). And once your tank model is done, it's only a short time later you can have a complete DIORAMA! That's a base, backdrop, 3-dimensional objects and other diorama accessories to complete the look.

SchematicsRaw Tank Combat Papper Tank Scale Model Kits are designed by Professional Graphic Designers from engineering diagrams of the actual tanks and other historical material. Carefully crafted at 1/48 scale, this means that Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kits are big enough for just about anyone to make, yet small enough that they don't take up a bunch of space in your display case. On top of that, each and every Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kit is 100% Compatible with the Raw Tank Combat Miniature Battle Rules – allowing you to take your tank on actual tank-to-tank combat missions!

The magic is that these kits are complete dioramas - and are perfect for any modern hobbyist. But wait! There's more! All Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kits come with TONNES of options - some include tank variants, many optional accessories, mix and match painted and unpainted pieces, and most importantly - they all come with "unpainted variants" on quality card-stock paper. This allows for each and everyone to custom paint a tank with only pen, ink, Sharpie, coloured pencil, whatever is desired! And if desired, Raw Tank Combat Paper Tank Scale Model Kits can be custom-ordered with Professional Graphic Designed Custom Paint Scheme [email mrmikey@mac.com for details]!

The Kits come flat in shipping-friendly packaging that minimizes weight and packaging required. The packaging is also perfect for "peg-board" type retail displays, and require very little in the way of retail space "footage" and can easily be used at Point-of-Sale for Impulse Purchases.

For more or ordering information, email mrmikey@mac.com.


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