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Proudly Made
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Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and neighbours, welcome to MikeyStuff "Raw Tank Combat" Paper Tank Scale Model Kits! These are 1/48 scale model kits [made of highest quality paper] of main battle tanks inspired by online tank combat games (such as World of Tanks™). These games let you customize your tank ride to a certain extent, but now you can order a 3-Dimensional model kit of your personal favourite tank! There is also available our "Master Collection," a line of 1/72 Scale Tank Models - that are more challenging.


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Each kit comes with at least two highly detailed tank models (one custom coloured, one blank for you to colour); base, diorama pieces and tank crew members. Tanks can be customized with hatches open and crew visible, or the crew can be deployed around the tank. The best part of all this is that the customer can order special paint, markings and emblems if desired, or can order the kits with standardized markings. Any and all appropriate camouflage patterns are available, as are all markings, emblems and slogans, customized to the customer's needs!

As of October 1, 2015, kits available are the Pzkpf VI Aust. E Tiger I in 1/48 scale, the T-34/85 in 1/48 scale,and Master Collection versions of thesPzkpf VI Tiger I and Tiger (P) variant. Order Yours Today!

Upcoming kits include the M4A3E8 Sherman; the British Comet, and the Pzkpf VI Tiger (P) variant. Some kits may include variants. Tank details are derived from authentic engineering drawings and other sources, tank crews are the exclusive MikeyStuff ActionFigs in authentic period uniforms. Tank Crews can be customized with personalized or custom uniforms, as well. At 1/48 scale, thes MikeyStuff ActionFigs are approximately the same size as Lego™ Brand "MiniFigs."

The line will be expanding on an ongoing and regular basis.

For more information or for ordering information, please contact MikeyStuff at mrmikey@mac.com

RTCPortableCribbageWe are proud to announce our very first Accessory for Raw Tank Combat - the Raw Tank Combat Portable Cribbage Sheet! This great pad of paper has cribbage boards printed on them - adorned with imagery from Raw Tank Combat, so you can take your battle anywhere!
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Photographs of Assembled Model Kit